Overclocking my Xeon x3430


I recently got myself a Xeon x3430 for about 7$ and an H55 motherboard to go along with it.
I'm completely new to overclocking older CPU's, and know very little about it, all I've done so far is read a few threads and watched a couple of videos on it.
I ran Cinebench at 2.4GHz and got a score of 299, and after a bit of tweaking I worked myself up to 4GHz and a score of 456. I haven't tried going any higher yet.

As for the voltage, I sat it to 1.35V, and I'm just wondering if it's safe going any higher? I haven't done any stress tests yet or anything, and don't know what a max safe voltage is for these older chips. (The temp after a few cinebench runs maxed out at 65C)

I'm not sure whether my chip is special or anything, but I definitely don't want to ruin it by pushing it too far. Does anyone have any tips?
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Overclocking x3430 Xeon