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Sometimes randomly after a BSoD my computer keeps restarting itself every 2 times a week or more, i have no control of it, it just restarts as if i pressed the hard reset button on my computer, but i didnt. Anyone have a solution?
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  1. What are your system specs?
  2. It MAY be due to a recent update from Intel (via MS Updates) to address Meltdown/Specture issues.

    In some cases Microsoft has come out with new updates that UNDO these patches now due to problems like this.

    For now, here are some potential solutions:

    1) run Memtest86 (to see if it's a memory stick hardware issue)
    - create stick, may need to change BIOS boot order or just select stick from a quick boot list
    - just let run without selecting anything to use defaults then wait for one entire PASS to finish (or until errors)

    2) In-Place Upgrade of W10 (may not help if it's a W10/Intel issue)
    a) use Media Creation Tool to download and create USB stick for W10 (use "other PC" option to create)
    b) run "setup.exe" on the stick from within Windows and follow instructions

    3) rollback PC if you have a RESTORE POINT prior to the problem (even if you do that it may fail again once it updates, though you should be able to go into Updates and apply a DELAY for updates)

    4) Nothing works?
    Google the BSOD results to help track down the issue

    5) remove graphics card, move monitor to motherboard if you have an iGPU (to see if it's graphics card related)

    6) swap other

    7) if spare drive, unhook all drives except it, then use W10 stick to install fresh copy of W10... if it works fine then must be some SOFTWARE issue. If if fails too may be HARDWARE related (power supply, motherboard etc)
  3. The most important specs that you really need to know:
    AMD Athlon
    GTX 1050 ti mini
    A 1 terabyte hard drive (winchester? something like that..)
    (maybe not winchester, i cant remember what the name of it was)
    8 gigabytes of ram (its red and it has shark fins it looks like)

    I want to share something ironic, I was looking up spectre and meltdown and what it does and as i read "Restarts PC randomly" my computer restarted, I flipped out, but then I remembered that I have an old AMD so im good i hope.
  4. lol can i just reinstall windows and everything on my computer, i don't have anything important.
  5. Your CPU is not immune from Spectre/Meltdown (goes back to 1995 I believe), though if it's related to that it's actually the Intel PATCH that's causing problems.

    BTW, what you describe is not irony.

    Irony loosely is the opposite of what you expect. Since your PC was rebooting another reboot was expected and doing so while reading about an issue that may be the cause of reboots is not irony. It's just reality.

    It might be irony if the ONLY time it didn't reboot is if you were doing something that was expected to reboot the PC.
  6. ok how do i get rid of it?

    ok im suing if this takes my info legit windows is screwing me over hard core, i no-lifed overwatch for 1 year now im not losing my account by some stupid meltdown. someone help please.
  7. ok well can someone just fix the patch im really not in the mood right now
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    Check out this thread here and follow the steps to uninstall the bad update. It may help.

    Since you haven’t fully listed your specs like the OS I’m assuming you have Windows 7.
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