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Ever since i factory reset my PC i have had to boot my PC through the bios pressing F12 into it whenever i start my PC and choosing what to boot from, does anyone know how i can set it to default, the default boot at the moment just crashes with the blue smily face and restarts in crash loop.

Also i have been having random PC restarts, black screen no error messages, happens mostly when gaming but can happen other times, just thought i would mention it just in case.
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  1. 1. You've provided such precious little information re the system you've working with that it's impossible for anyone to provide you with any sensible suggestions to overcome the problem you've encountered.

    2. So provide a DETAILED summary of the system & components you're working with...
    A. Apparently this is an OEM PC? What's the make/ model?

    B. Any idea of the make/model of the motherboard?

    C. What's the OS?

    D. A single boot drive? Or multiple drives? Make/models of the drive(s) involved?

    E. Describe the boot drive re capacity, volume of data. partitioned MBR or GPT? And any other info you think important.

    E. Why did you trigger the "factory reset"? Ran into some problems? What were they?

    F. Prior to the reset the system booted without a problem? No need to access the boot menu (F12) when powering-up?

    3. When you first purchased & used the PC there were no problems? These "problems" came later? Any idea what was the cause?
  2. Apologies i have never done this sort of thing online before.

    PC came like this around 2 years ago:
    AMD Piledriver FX-6350 Six Core 3.90GHz Processor with Turbo Frequency 4.20GHz -
    8GB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM / Seagate 1TB Hard Drive
    Nvidia GTX 960 Graphics Card / HDMI 1080p, USB 3.0, WiFi
    System Manufacturer: Gigabyte (pretty sure motherboard is Gigabyte)
    BIOS: Award Modular Bios v6.00PG

    I added an SSD Sunbow later that had no negative effect on pc, had it for months.

    - I have three drives, my windows boot drive on my ssd, my harddrive where i store most of my data games etc. and another system reserve drive.

    -factory reset pc, this is when problems started, as i said above in my first post with the boot loop and random crashes.
    - Reason i factory reset was because i could not open some games due to me not being able to access some files, might have been a bug in the registry or something, and because i have had pc for like 1 1/2 years now and could do with a refresh :) no issues
    -Prior to system reset my system booted without the need for F12, however my SSD would never boot before even if i booted through it on bios, the reset fixed that as now it works, however yeah thats when i started getting the F12 thing and pc shut downs.
    - Only problems i have had with my pc before was when the cpu fan broke like 6 months in, however i got a replacement and its fine now. Problems i have now i have only seen after i reset PC.

    Thanks again for taking the time to help me out! appreciate it
  3. 1. I'd never heard of a SunBow SSD until I read your post. It's always a wise move to check the health of one's boot drive in situations like yours to determine if the drive is failing or defective. Generally there should be a diagnostic program available from the drive's manufacturer. I see SunBow has a website - http://www.sunbowtech.com/ so you may want to check with them. Otherwise, another SSD diagnostic program could be employed.

    2. For the moment we'll assume the boot drive is non-defective. It's very hard to diagnose the precise problem you've encountered. Can we assume the system boots to the OS (which is? you never indicated) without any problems functioning thereafter when the SSD boot drive is the ONLY drive connected at that time? Or do the problems arise even then?

    3. Perhaps you might consider - assuming it's practical to do so - to simply fresh-install the OS onto the SSD boot drive and determine if that corrects the problem(s). In effect, to "start over" as it were.

    4. You mention a third drive which you label "another system reserve drive". What's that all about? Another physical drive?
  4. Seagate diagnostic tool is great and works on all manufacturers.
  5. John:
    justin_time is referring to the Seagate SeaTools for Windows diagnostic program. While that program will provide a diagnostic report for drives (both HDD & SSD) other than Seagate drives, we much prefer a PC user to obtain the diagnostic program from the drive's manufacturer, assuming it's available. If not, our general recommendation for a diagnostic program is HD Sentinel - https://www.hdsentinel.com/index.php
  6. I boot on my hard drive im pretty sure, sunbow is slave drive on boot and i pick the toshiba/seagate one im pretty sure, but it loads up properly and windows is on the ssd, other drives are hard drive and reserve drive doesnt actually have anything in, not sure why its there.

    I think i am just going to see how it goes and likely do as you said and fresh install windows if the problem persists, i have not however had any problems so far today which is nice since i turned pc on, its a strange one indeed.

    Thanks all
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