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how many HDD we can add on raid5 ?
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  1. It depends on your RAID controller. Anywhere from zero (most common) to as many as you have connections for. If you are really talking about adding drives to an existing RAID 5 volume.
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    While you technically can use RAID 5 with a large number of disks, once you get to a relatively large number, you're actually better off with RAID 6 or RAID 10. What I use when I'm conceptualizing different arrays is the RAID Calculator tool on the website of Synology, a popular NAS vendor. Ignore the part where it lists SHR options, unless you're using a Synology enclosure, as it's specific to their enclosures.
  3. Keep in mind the more disks you add the slower random reads will be. Seq speeds cap on the network after 3 disks in raid5 on a Gb network. It won't be doing you any performance favors. It will save you money on drives by increasing your usable storage %. What size storage are you trying to build out now and over time? Expanding needs to be planned into raid storage from the start.
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