PC restarts when CPU under stress

Hello, i was playing csgo and my game was crashing all the time. so i tried to troubleshoot to see what the issue was. i started with stressing the cpu with cpu-z, temps, voltages were good. after a few minutes though, the pc would restart by itself, without any warning or bsod. i ran this a few times and it did the same thing.
i am suspecting that my psu is a little weak for my system.
I am running an R5 1600 on a B350-f strix board with 8gb of ram and a strix RX580 from ASUS (the TOP one). and i have a thermaltake 530w psu. - No OC on cpu, and EPU is disabled.

to be noted i ran unigine heaven to stress the gpu, and it did very well. clock speeds were consistent and temps were under control. didn't crash.

now, that was the day before, the next day i ran some game, bumped up the graphics to stress the system and everything worked beautifully. SO? why did it restarted under stress?
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  1. If your CPU temps were below 90°C, then it is either the motherboard VRM or the psu.
  2. CPU temps didn't go over 63 degrees.
  3. VSI2110 said:
    CPU temps didn't go over 63 degrees.

    Can you borrow another power supply to test your system?
  4. Hello, i found the problem. It's the Ram. See, i recently updated the motherboard bios, so i could then load the Ram @3000mhz. They are 8gb Geil EvoX. and while launching Prime95 for the first time, it restarted immediately after 3 or 4 secs. because the test had some ram testing too, i went into bios, dialed back default settings. then launched prime95 again. though ram is now running @2133mhz.

    i have right now, prime95 Blend test, and Furmark 1080p with 2xmsaa running together for about 10mins+, all running good.

    i'm letting this run for about an hour or two, then i'll report back here so we can end this post.

    Thank you a lot for the support.
  5. prime95 Blend test, and Furmark 1080p with 2xmsaa running together for about 1.5hours fine. I opened the side panel because i didn't want to overheat anything, yet, GPU temps maxxed out at 66deg and CPU temps at 65deg.

    Funny how crucial ram and ram freq is to a whole system.
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