Hey all! I have a question, umm.. I have Gigabyte RX560 OC 4gb and it says that i can overclock it to 1300MHZ, right? so, I also have AOROS GRAPHICS ENGINE and it lets me overclock as much as I want. So my question is what will happen if i clock it over 1300MHZ, lets say 1400 or so? It just crossed my mind and i'd really like to know is it any good or will it "destroy" my gpu?
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    If you push it too far it will crash either in a game or benchmark then you'll know it's not stable for the clock you tried to run.

    Don't just jump straight to 1400mhz though, you need to work your way up there, discovering stability along the way.
  2. See, easiest way in my experience to do this is to run MSI afterburner and Heavens benchmark. Put the benchmark, while it is running in the background and bring the MSI AB app to the foreground. Increase the clock slider by say 10 MHZ and let the benchmark run. If it completes, let it run one more time. On the third run, repeat and increase the clock by 10 again and repeat the process till the benchmark crashes. After that, dial it back using the same process till it no longer crashes.
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