IMPORTANT: MSI afterburner messing up PC!

Hello! I just got MSI afterburner, and someone on discord told me to crank core up to max and memory up to 200. I did that, and I got good framerate and a good experience. But, I wanted it even better, so I set it to 300, and now my computer is going crazy, glitching, and it won't let me open Nvidia inspector or MSI! Please help!

GPU is 840m.
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  1. Boot your PC into safe mode, reset your settings in MSI Afterburner/Uninstall it, dont try to overclock you laptop.
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  2. Your subject for this post is incorrect, it is NOT MSI Afterburner that messed up your pc, it was you not really knowing what you are doing or how to overclock. You got greedy and messed up your system.
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