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I have a CL-W139CU00SW-A installed on a intel K8700, the coolant is very cool, the lines going in and out are also cool, temp for the CPU shows about 29 to 33, but when I tuch the water block it feels extremely hot, i shot a laser thermometer andit shows 150f, is this normal?
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  1. probably it's the lighting that causes it to feel hot.
  2. Thank you, you are correct, I just can't believe that the led will get so hot, pulled the plunge and no more temp, I guess I have no led now
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    150f = 65C which is inside CPU temperature boundaries and makes sense. That heat from the CPU needs to go somewhere. The only temps that matter are the water temp and the CPU temp. If you are getting low 30s for CPU then you are fine.
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