How to up Ryzen 1600x to 4.0Ghz - AB350M Gigabyte

I am with a Ryzen 1600x of 3.60Ghz and a AB350M of the Gigabyte and in the specifications of the Ryzen says that it goes until 4.0Ghz in the turbo mode .. the Cooler that I am is the DeepCooler Gammaxx 400.

I was in the Bios Setup and then I tried to change it to 4.0Ghz, I got it .. however as I never did it I'm sure something is missing ..
I ran AIDA64 to stress the system and see if everything was OK ..
However, after about 2min running the test Windows simply freezes .. having to reboot the system .. Temperature is monitoring by HWMonitor and Ryzen reaches 71 - 80º

I researched and the staff says to play this VCORE to increase the voltage and tals .. but what to put? What value ...

how can I up this 1600x safely to 4.0Ghz? What I put in

Dynamic Vcore (DVID)
Dynamic Vcore (SOC) (DVID)
DVRAM Voltage

In Bios this is so

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