GTX 1050 Crashes at 1900+MHz regardless of voltage, but runs rock solid on 1886MHz?

Exactly what the title said: If i OC my MSI GeForce GTX 1050 Gaming X 2GB to 1886Mhz(MSI afterburner, stock voltage, +189Mhz on the Core clock) it runs furmark fine, staying at around 63 celcius. but when i turn it to +190MHz it runs furmark and a random unity game fine for a couple of seconds, then the program freezes(and furmark crashes). But when raising the voltage it looks like its having no effect at all.(no im not just throwing 1800mV at it its running at 1043mV stock, and i got it as high as 1081mV but it has no effect) When the GPU is at 1886MHz core, 3654MHz VRAM it runs rock solid, even without touching voltages. AND YES, MY GTX 1050 HAS A 6 PIN CABLE, so please don't start by saying: "you cant oc because the pcie slot cant provide enough power". and yes, i've heard of the silicon lottery, but i hope that i'm just missing something simple here, because i've had this thing run at 2100+mhz when i was younger(although it constantly crashed my display drivers because i didn't know what voltages were back then)
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  1. Edit: i got it to 1898MHz core @ 1075mV... but higher then that and it crashes.
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