R5 m430 bad fps

Hello i have this pc: https://www.worten.pt/informatica/computadores/computadores-portateis/portatil-15-6-asus-k555qg-a0ar5pb1-6303851

So in Cs:go i have like 20-30 fps then i go to rocket league and i have 30-40 every game on low, i think my pc have good specs can you help me to resolve that and improve fps
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  1. I would not say your computer has good specs, but it is good enough to run CSGO on higher FPS. Are you testing it with wall power? Make sure your power settings are set to high in power manager and BIOS.
  2. on power settings is all high but how can i put on bios?
  3. goncalofernandes303 said:
    on power settings is all high but how can i put on bios?

    Check if the BIOS has power settings. It may not, but should.
  4. Depending on your resolution, that sounds about right. According to this, they are getting 30-40 FPS at 768p on low. At 1080p it would be quite a bit lower. http://laptopmedia.com/highlights/amd-radeon-r5-m430-2gb-ddr3-early-benchmarks-and-gaming-tests/

    It's a low end GPU. It's really not a gaming GPU at all.
  5. My normal should be 1920:1080 but i use 1360:768
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