Stuck Between two Systems

I'm Stuck between choosing two systems

System 1

System 2

I can get both systems at the same price I will be Adding a better PSU and Corsair Hydro cooling solution and SSD to whatever system I buy I'm asking if anyone knows if one system is better then the other personally id like to build my own PC but with current GPU prices and my old gaming PC finally biting the dust i need to buy a replacement - Thank you all for your time
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  1. For starters, they both have 7700's and 1070's. Since the specs are so similar I would go with the Omen.

    Secondly, with a 7700 you won't need a Corsair Hydro series cooler, those are really only needed for heavy overclocking. If you just want better cooling, save yourself some money and get a Cryorig C7. It's more than enough to take care of the cooling of a 7700 and is only about $30, but I am sure whatever cooler it comes with will be fine.

    Lastly, Whatever PSU it comes with should also be fine for a while. I would hold off until you know what direction you want to go with that build.

    The Alienware is built a little better and has a little more expansion, but is also $150 more. You have to decide if that expansion is worth it (it probably isn't).

    In any case those are both pretty good starter systems. Whenever you decide to upgrade it won't be hard to do so.

    Both will be the same as far as gaming performance most likely.
  2. Well, since I have a few USB Type-C devices and the Alienware has USB Type-C, I'd go with that. + physically it looks cooler.
  3. Just be aware that both HP and Dell may use non-standard size components in these systems. Changing out the PSU and cooling might not be possible with off the shelf parts.
  4. if they are the exact same price why the omen over the alien?
  5. In my eyes HP has better support and reliability than Alienware (Dell) which is why i'd go for the Omen.
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    I didn't see that they were the same price. But yes HP has better CS than Dell, I've had horrible experiences with Dell and will never buy another product from them again. But overall build is slightly better on the Alienware. That's a tougher call.

    I personally, (even though I hate Dell's) would still go with the Alienware because of it's slightly better expansion. It appears to have a higher quality motherboard which may or may not carry over to your next build.

    It would REALLY help if you could get pictures of the insides.

    If all else is the same all I can go on is the features, which the Alienware has more of, and the case itself, which the Omen *seems to have better case airflow.
  7. When I think Dell I just think about the old "Dude you're getting a Dell!" commercials. good times

    Best I can do for a picture of the MOBO looks like the mobo name is IPSKL-SC
  9. Thanks all for your help I got the Alienware for a super discounted price $900 bucks

    after opening up the unit I discovered it had an Alienware AIO Liquid cooler pre-installed

    Thank you all for your help
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