A10-7890K iGPU dowclocking. Not overclocking.

Hi there,

Can someone help me?

I am wondering if there's a reason why the iGPU on my A10 is not achieving any increase in core clock whenever I perform a stress test?

Stock core is 866mhz. Say I bump it to 880mhz. You can see it MSI Afterburner or Crimson software but when you stress test it the core clock actually goes down to 750mhz.

I tried increasing the nb voltage but nothing.


Mobo: GA-F2A88XN-WIFI (Bios ver: F6)
RAM: GSkill Ares 4GBx2 DDR3-2133 (9-11-10-28)

Oh... I also found out that if you disable Cool n Quiet. You only get two CPU Cores running full speed and two idling at 1600mhz. I am wondering if anybody knows why is this?

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