optimal ghz i can go for this system

XEON E5450 cpu with aero verkho2 cooler

ASUS P5G41T-M LX mobo

and gtx1050 2gb gpu

abd 1333 mhz 4gb ram x2

7200 rpm hdd

1 front in fan 1 back out fan.

as you can see my cpu is kinda low i want to oc it but not to much stable and safe how much i should go ?and can you link me any guide
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    your optimal overclock is where you get good temps and decent voltage, for example my FX 6300 can OC to 4.6ghz(stock being 3.5) with 1.39V getting me a temp range from 25(idle) - 30(normal use/gaming) - 40C(on full load), anything pass 4.6, requires big jumps in voltage and that increases heat output a lot, you want to hit a sweet spot where you can get a decent V increase without generation too much heat , i recommend you use offset voltage and LLC to 75%/ultra high(if available on your mobo) to increase stability.
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