ASUS 980 ti Strix Memory Clock Locked (cannot overlock)


I have a ASUS 980 ti Strix DC3 6GB.
I can oveclock the core clock, change the voltage, change the fan speed, change the power limit and everything but not the memory.
When I move the slide on MSI Afterburner and click apply, it comes back to where it was before moving it.
I've tried EVGA Precision XOC. What happens in this one is that the slide does not come back to where it was but has no effect on the memory clock, thus the final result is equivalent to the MSI Afterburner.

The memory clock showing up on MSI Afterburner is 33004 MHz.
The memory clock showing up on GPU-Z is 1800 MHz.

What do you suggest me to overclock the memory of my 980 ti?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards.
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