can i run assassins creed origins?

my specs :
DEll precision T7400
Processor :Xeon E5420 2.5 (2 processors)
GPU : GTX 970 4GBs
Ram: 8 giga
(GTA v , Batman Arkham Knight , Tom Clacy wild lands) all work at ultra
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  1. yes but it wont be smooth since you only have 2 cores. even at 720p@60fps at lowest graphic settings.
  2. it doesn't even work , when i launch it , nth happens or shows
    Seems like your CPU doesn't have enough instructions to run the game, you should need at least SSE 4.2, and higher
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    I don't see how you can run Wildlands but not Origins. Wildlands requires a butt load from CPU to run at Ultra. Perhaps re-installing the game will help?
    Try running the game in compatibility mode for Windows 7 and running as administrator.
  5. Try all the possible ways
  6. You are using a CPU from '07
    Its highly unlikely that it'll work
  7. Origins require a lot of CPU and newer instruction sets, may that's why it doesn't launch on older CPUs
  8. ATHUL2016 said:
    You are using a CPU from '07
    Its highly unlikely that it'll work

    I agree with you there. It's a pretty old CPU and that wouldn't even be that big of a problem but it's a Xeon so yeah, not the best at aging, but then again, not designed to. However, he says he can run Wildlands just fine so how is it that the CPU is the culprit with Origins?
  9. Its not about the cpu's cores its about the instruction sets present in the cpu. So an old CPU means, doesn't have newer instruction sets. Its not even working on core 2 quads
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