EHDD corrupts files

Its been happening for some time now, that when I copy some files on my ehdd to pass to another pc when I try to open them I get errors or problems, is there any way to fix it? Its a seagate 4Tb that has little over a year in use.

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  1. check it with seatools for windows

    did you try different USB cables, PCs, USB ports to plug in?

    which model is it exactly? Label on the external hard drive
  2. Havent tried different usb cables, dont have any lying around, if nothing else works i will get one.
    tried it on different pc and the same problem, also different usbs
    Its the Seagate Backup Plus 4TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0, model#r:srd00f1
    Did the tests and sadly it failes the short generic one, Im doing the long one hoping that the bad sector will be "fixed" and it can be usable again, if not it really wasnt that good of a ehdd or I had really bad luck
  3. Did you try it in an USB3.0 port (blue) or just USB 2.0 ports?
    Could be that USB2.0 delivers not the current/power needed to run the drive properly.
  4. USB 3.0, i'VE been running diagnostics and trying to fix the disc throught seatools and windows error checking, seems it has some bad sectors
  5. so you checked the HDD like this?

    Do you still have warranty on the disk?
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