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I'm going to be travel throughout this year for work and was looking for a recommendation on a laptop that could perform on high setting on mainly world of warcraft. Really don't want to break the bank since I already purchased a gtx 1080 for my desktop already. Also would like it if the laptop had a one gig ethernet card! Thanks in advance!
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  2. While those are great recommendations, I personally am waiting for the 8th gen hybrid chips to arrive. (Kaby Lake-G) (Same situation as you. Looking for a laptop that can play WoW decently, but I already have a pretty sweet desktop)

    It will pack in a much more powerful processor and a built in AMD Vega M Graphics. Both will be pretty solid for 1080p 60Hz gaming, as the 8809G will be comparable to the i7 7700 and the Vega M Graphics will be AT LEAST comparable to a Radeon RX 470 but maybe slightly better as there are no benchmarks out for that yet. However the specs of the CPU are pretty identical to the 7700 so it should perform roughly the same barring thermal throttling, and with the size of the CPU/GPU shrink cooling solutions should improve greatly.

    Out of those gaming laptops the Helios is hard to beat for that price. It's not perfect but it packs a lot of performance in a $1100 laptop.
  3. Unless blizzard improves their horrible optimization for AMD graphics, I would still recommend an Nvidia based graphics solution if WoW is the main title being played. I am trying to wait for 6 core coffee lake and volta based laptops. If not for that, I would probably go with this.
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