EVGA 1050 SC Overclocking Tips

I had bought this card a while back and had an urge to push it a bit further. I'm wondering, if not given away from the title, what tips, or even better, what specific stuff i should do. I have a EVGA 400w power supply and the card doesn't run off a six-pin connector or any external connector at that. It also has only one fan. It'd be great if there is a way to get it to boost and be very stable.
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    Well since the power come directly from the board you will have to see what the voltage can be set at through the board. Also What is the recommended watts needed for your system to run at stock. After finding that out you will want to get a higher watt power supply then that. Like my build only requires about 300 watts but because i want to overclock i bought a 650 watt supply. I am not saying you need to double the watts needed i just had money to play with so i went all out. As for setting the overclock i know evga has their own overclocking tool however i like the look of MSI Afterburner so i use it. You also want to test it while going up on over clocks to make sure they are stable.
  2. I have the Asus P8H61 M-LX. I am not home yet but I'll check the manual. But if there is anything you can say about this information that'd be great.
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