Is Shock Mount necessary for the Blue Yeti with Rode PSA 1

I am purchasing a Blue Radius 2 Shock Mount With Improved Hinge Design for my Blue Yeti attached to Rode PSA 1, as of now the Blue Yeti attaches fine and angles in good directions.

Probably I won't be needing it to be in all directions, hanging down or standing up would be fine and also I am able to rotate the pin to direct the mic in any direction.

Should I really be getting a shock mount, what purpose would it serve as the Rode PSA 1 already gives a pin which connects the arm to the mic.

Does it improve the angles on the microphone?

I read that it is useful to stop vibrations and mechanical sounds coming from desk, ground or if we accidentally tap the mic stand, but I won't be tapping on the desk or doing the things they said apart from typing on the keyboard and the mic will be near to the keyboard and my mouth and I will be setting the gain mostly all the way down while doing screen casting and video game recording, so, what would be the advantage of having it and disadvantage of not having it.

I am going to be using the mic mostly for vocals, screen casting, video game recording.

Could you please let me know
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  1. So far I've found that having a shock mount isn't of a value for a desk arm, may be it is valuable for boom stands as while recording music people might be holding onto the stand, bending or shaking it or jumping on the floor while enjoying the song, but I am yet to explore more :)
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