OC results of ASUS Intelligent Processors 5. Is this ok?

Hello all,

I am still experimenting with OCing while trying to avoid manual errors. I know it's always the best to OC yourself but I gave it a shot with Asus AP5.

I have Z370-E Gaming + i5-8600K + GTX 1070.
I just got the H7 Quad Lumi and replaced its fan with Corsair SP120 QE I had laying around.
I manually set fans to minimum 30 and 40% as the software had few of them completely off in idle.

So these are the results of the ASUS Intelligent Processors 5:
It ramped my core 0,1,2 to x48; core 3,4 to x47 and core 5 to x46. I didn't touch anything as of yet.
For test I ran Unigine Valley to see how it will fare in high stress gaming. Cores was around x45 and temps were no higher than 50C.
It also set Configured Max CPU Power to 70W if that changes anything.

This is the screenshot of things in idle. I am a little baffled about very low Vcore voltage at minimum x45 while VID shows various 1.3v values. Core jumps between x45-48 in idle. It seems like some adaptive feature.
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