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I currently just built a new pc im rocking a master liquid 240 paired to a i5 8600k (not delidded) and i felt it was time to overclock it soo i set my vcore to 1350 and 4.5 ghz the temps spiked at high of 76 before i turned prime 85 off in fear of frying my new cpu... so this brings me to my question how hot is too hot? (also if anyone has some good settings for a oc that would be appreciated)

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    rabyte283 said:
    ... master liquid 240 ... i5 8600k (not delidded) ... vcore to 1.350 and 4.5 ghz ... temps ... 76 ... prime 95 ... how hot is too hot? ... settings for oc ...

    On behalf of Tom's Moderator Team, welcome aboard!

    The link to Tom's Hardware UK website that Robert Ban provided is for the Intel Temperature Guide, which is a "Sticky" located near the top of the CPU's Forum. Here's a link to the Guide here at our US website -

    You might want to give it a read.

    Although the "Throttle" temperature for your 8600K is 100°C (212°F), it’s not advisable to run your CPU near the thermal limit, just as you wouldn't run a vehicle with the temperature gauge pegged in the red "hot" zone.

    • Here's the operating range for Core temperature:

    Core temperatures above 85°C aren't recommended.

    Core temperatures below 80°C are preferred. temperatures increase and decrease with Ambient temperature.

    • Concerning Prime95, 2nd through 8th Generation i3, i5 and i7 CPU's have AVX (Advanced Vector Extension) Instruction Sets. Prime95 versions later than 26.6 run AVX code on the CPU's Floating Point Unit (FPU) which causes unrealistic temperatures up to 20°C higher due to an excessively high TDP workload of nearly 130%.

    AVX can be disabled in Prime95 versions later than 26.6 by inserting "CpuSupportsAVX=0" into the "local.txt" file in Prime95's folder. However, since Core temperatures will be the same as 26.6, it's easier to just use 26.6. AVX doesn't affect Core i 1st Generation, Core 2, Pentium or Celeron processors since they don't have AVX Instruction Sets.

    • Regarding overclock settings, no two processors are identical; each processor is unique in voltage tolerance, thermal behavior and overclocking potential, which is often referred to as the "silicon lottery" or luck of the draw. Overclocking is always limited by two factors; voltage and temperature.

    Although there are several Overclocking Guides available through Google, there are no "cook book" settings for anyone's particular 8600K sample. The only way for you to find the optimum settings for your 8600K is to read the Guides, get yourself up to speed on the topics of overclocking and temperatures, then carefully experiment until you get it.

    Once again, welcome aboard!

    CT :sol:
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