Problems with graphics cards, shut down and sleep mode

Dear tom's hardware-Forum,

I recently made the mistake to download some new drivers for my Lenovo ThinkPad S440 after seeing the following error message while checking for the graphics card settings of the 2nd graphics card that is installed in my laptop (AMD Radeon HD 8670M): No AMD graphics driver is installed or the AMD graphics driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware. This confused me, and I downloaded the newest driver for that graphics card from the AMD website. Furthermore, I thought I might as well check for some updates for the other graphics card of my laptop (Intel HD Graphics Family) on the intel website (there is some check up available that checks all your intel stuff for new drivers and I installed new drivers for my wifi adapter, Bluetooth adapter and for that graphics card, which then led to an error message saying: your PC does not allow the installation of this newest graphics card driver, please contact the producer of your PC! I realized then in the device manager that the name of the AMD graphics card was changed to AMD X8600 series or something similar. Running the Lenovo solution center hardware scan did not work for the graphics cards anymore, so I knew I messed that up. I decided to system restore my windows to an earlier point. The AMD graphics card name now changed back to the original HD 8670M in the device manager, however I still do face several problems now:

1. When booting the Lenovo solution center it gives me an error message and the hardware scan function does not work (I cant even start it without having the problem freeze on the spinning loading sign.

2. When trying to turn off my laptop, it shuts down everything, however the red dot light of the ThinkPad logo that usually blinks a few times before turning off does not shut off anymore then: it keeps blinking forever. I have to force shut it down then by holding the power button.

3. When putting my laptop to sleep (closing the screen), I cant wake it up anymore. The ThinkPad red light dot then keeps blinking (with longer breaks in between, how it always does when in sleep mode) and no matter what button I press, it does not do anything. I then have to also force shut it down by holding the power button.

Is there any way I can fix this, or is now a factory reset/reinstall windows from scratch the only/best solution?

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    Hello Adrian,
    It's possible that the drivers you installed were not compatible with your computer. If you are having issues outside of windows, it could be a problem with the GPU (i.e. it might need replaced). However, the easiest solution to installing drivers is to go to [] and it will install the best drivers for your device. If this solution doesn't work, I would then try the factory reset of your computer. And if this fails to fix the issue, the GPU is likely damaged.
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