Overclocking I5 8600k voltage with iGPU voltage

Hello. I just started overclocking my new CPU i5 8600k. Everything seems perfectly, but i am curious about one thing. I am using iGPU (i dont have dedicated graphicard at this moment), and i am also trying overclock my CPU, but whenever i change my vCore (on my Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming K3 motherboard) it also change VAXG Voltage for IGPU, because i let iGPU voltage on AUTO. So my question is : Is necessary to change VAXG Voltage for something else than its on Voltage vCore? Or should i let it on same voltage as vCore, even if i am using iGPU. Should i be concerned about voltage, which is same as VAXG voltage or no? I tried to search everywhere, but without any proper answer. Only what i found is 8th generation CPU datasheet, where is info about max 1.52v for VCCGT (there is VAXG on Gigabyte), but not sure about their connections and if i should let them on same voltage. Thanks.

My rig:

i5 8600K
Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming K3
Seasonic M12II-620 EVO
Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB (2x8GB) 3000MHz CL15
Crucial M550 SSD, 128GB, Sata 3
Non-important rest of rig.
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  1. you can manually set the iGPU voltage to lower values.
    There is no benefit from pushing more voltage to iGPU, just more heat.
  2. So i am not to be worry about decreasing Voltage for iGPU ? Is this Voltage seperated for CPU Core and iGPU Voltage? Because if i set Vcore on fixed voltage, motherboard sets iGPU same voltage. I dont want to break it down with voltage and i am really don't need overclock IGPU. Is it safe to make seperated voltages between igpu and cpu core? (vccore) on Coffee Lake? Thanks man for fast answer anyway.
  3. Unless using stock voltages for everything, it is better to set each main voltage manually.
    That goes for vcore, igpu and memory controller (SA).
  4. So even when i am using igpu, should i set lower voltage for iGPU? These voltages going in to CPU are seperated? Because it's confusing, if vCore settings apply also on (yeah auto, but still) iGPU voltage. I am right?
  5. what i mean is your MB might be pushing unnecessarily high voltage to the components.
    So it is better to set manually all of them.
  6. Yeah. This is known fact. My primary question is, if i set manual (seperated and other than on Vcore) voltage to iGPU if it can damage CPU, if i overclock on other voltage (Vcore), than is on iGPU, if i am using iGPU. I hope it's described clearly and u know what i meant. (Especially in Coffee Lake combination with iGPU)
  7. setting lower voltage can't damage anything.
    just check the stock voltages and apply them manually where needed.
    I see no reason for iGPU to use over stock.
    memory controller and cache can benefit from higher than vcore voltage if you are using very high speed RAM or and upping cache multiplier.
  8. Well. Okay thanks then for clarification. So it doesnt matter if on iGPU is other voltage than on CPU Core (vCore), even if i set vCore voltage in other way than on iGPU (which i want to stay on stock voltage). Do i understand right to this? CPU and iGPU have separated voltage and they are not dependent on each other. Right? Thanks and sorry for these questions....
  9. Best answer
    Yes, you understand correctly.
    Moreover, the iGPU has separate VRM phases on the MB. other CPU voltages come from the same VRM and adjusted on the CPU.
  10. Thank you so much. That's everything what i want know. Now let's go back to overclocking.:)
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