Why did my GPU crash?

So I have a Sapphire 7970, and I've overclocked it in the past with no problems. However the other day I was playing an early access steam title subnautica and my system completely crashed, screen went a fuzzy mix of colours and was putting out this weird humming sound. System restore just about worked but I don't why this happened as I only overclocked ever so slightly.
Is this down to the game, or the age of my graphic card? I'm worried that it may have caused permanent damage
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    Hmmm..... If you've overclocked before without issues then it's probably the game's fault. Games that are in alpha or beta are usually not well optimized and will have issues to begin with but some times they don't play well with overclocked hardware. Try setting your clock speeds to default and see if the problem occurs. If not then set your overclock back to what it was and see if you have a problem then. if so, then it's the game not playing nice with your overclock. If the problem occurs when at default clocks then something else is afoot and will require more troubleshooting.
  2. Chances re,It's probably the Game.It's probably old too.I Recommend getting a new card,But that's wierd.
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