which 120mm liquid cpu fan is enough for i5-8600k

I bought an i5-8600k but I'm still confused to which cpu liquid cooler I want to get, the case only supports 120mm liquid cpu fan, I'm confused to weather go with a cheap, great looking one but I heard the performance is kind of mediocre (coolermaster masterliquid lite 120) or kraken x41? another question is can I fit a 140mm fan into a 120mm fan case?

case I bought is cooler master masterbox lite 5 rgb, and I also accept any recommendation about that cooling solution

and yes, I'm planning to overclock the cpu, I don't like to buy a car that can go 240 km/h and only limit it to 120 km/h
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  1. cryorig h7 quad lumi for looks and good ocing :D
  2. The case actually supports up to a 360mm AIO as long as the rad isn't above 50mm without fan(s).

    That being said your better off with a higher end air cooler as it will cool just as good as a cheaper 120mm AIO and be quieter. The case will support a air cooler up to 160mm, I'd recommend the be quiet Dark Rock 3 as long as your RAM doesn't have a tall heatsink.
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    CPU Cooler: be quiet! - Dark Rock 3 67.8 CFM Fluid Dynamic Bearing CPU Cooler ($62.19 @ OutletPC)
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  3. I couldn't agree more with WildCard999 suggestion.

    If you want to tell you friends that you have "liquid" cooling - get 240 or 280 or 360 AiO.
    120/140 AiO won't be effective with your CPU, especially if you intend to overclock.
  4. lowkey I want to brag about the liquid cooler, however, you guys came up with a good suggestion but I forgot to mention that I found the kraken x41 with a great price (80$) which compared to its original price (110$) is a really really good choice, I'm asking how good is it compared to the other liquid 120mm and yeh I asked if I could install a 140mm fan into a 120mm support case (rear fan from the case), I'm still trying to find the perfect suggestion, and yeh 1 more thing, I live in UAE, the shipping/duty prices are pain in the ass, for example, it costs me 134$ to get the be quiet cpu cooler, so I'm telling you to advice me not only how good the fan performs, also the prices, shipping is really a huge matter to me.
  5. yeh the last thing I would also ask from you guys, I'm really confused to weather get 240mm cpu liquid fans and replace them with the ones in the front or what to do, I'm kind of confused what is the best cooling solution in terms of performance and looks, any suggestion is appreciated <3
  6. Since your pretty set on a 120mm AIO then the Kraken X41 is decent and for the price you found it (hopefully not used as I wouldn't trust it), it would be fine for your system and CPU. I would set it up as exhaust as you don't want to dump hot air into the case, especially if your gaming as it will make the GPU run hotter.



    As far as replacing the fans on it I wouldn't bother unless there too loud for your preference. I replaced my Corsair H100i fans with Cougar Vortex fans and couldn't be happier (went from 36 dBA down to 17).
  7. alright problem solved, one last thing, do you think I can install this 140mm cpu liquid cooler fan into this case? and if not should I just replace the 140mm fan that comes with the kraken x41 with the fan u recommended? and yeh dont worry its not used
  8. I'm not sure, some cases have a little bit of extra room so it's possible but it may be offset slightly when you mount it. Worse case scenario you'll just need to mount it in the front.
  9. https://www.amazon.com/Bgears-Cooling-Fan-Adapter-140mm-Black/dp/B0043GMY1U do you think this is a helpful tool to mount it? if so I'll buy it right away
  10. If the back of the case is wide enough for the motherboard/rad then yes that will work.
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