"Squad" has Very Long Preallocation and Install Times

The game "Squad" takes forever to update every time, no matter how big or small the update is. For the most recent alpha update, which is about 380 MB, it has been preallocating for nearly half an hour and the progress bar just got about two-thirds full. It will then have to download and install it. The download is as fast as the bandwidth allows, but the installation is once again slow compared to every other game I own.

What would cause this problem? How can I fix it?

My HDD is not totally full. I have a C partition with 30 GB available, and a D partition which contains Squad and has 40 GB available.
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  1. Did you check with the vendor or support forums if this is normal or not?
  2. It's also possible that its an issue with your connection/hard drive
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