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Hello, i having issues with some silent - anying to the bones brain sound from my pc. I just reacenly brought some new components to my pc: Core i7-8700, Gigabyte Z370P D3 and Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB rams. And i donno what to do, this sound drives me nuts. I recoded it : Timestamps: Starting at 8,5s to 12s; 14s to 17s; 19s to 20s; 24,5s to 27,5s; 30s to 33s ITS VERY SILENT but i can hear it very clearly. Please, any advice? Thank you !
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  1. That my good sir/ or madam, is most likely fans. Fans aren't always the quietest, even if they are brand new
  2. But if its a fans sound, i should be constant, not like now: beep beep beep beep - 3s nothing - beep beep beep beep ... ?
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    Besides the fan noise, what was dominant noise in the clip, i also heard longer high pitched screeches that lasted for several seconds at a time. (Had to use dedicated audio editing software to hear those.)

    You got any HDDs in your system? Since those elongated screeches sounded like HDD's reading head moving on a HDD's disk platter. While the regular HDD read/write nose sounds more like a crackling noise than a high pitch screech, HDD's can make screeches too, especially at the end of their life.

    If it's not the HDD, i suggest you disconnect all your case fans, so none of them are working and turn your system on. Leave the side panel off for next step. If the high pitch screeches remain, try to locate it's source by putting your ear next to different components inside your case. Since that screech could also be coil whine made mostly by GPU or PSU.

    But if there's no high pitch screeches when all your case fans doesn't spin, then i'd say it's one of the fan bearings that makes this high pitch screech. In this case, you need to test your fans one by one to locate the fan who's bearing causes that high pitch screech.
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