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So i recently build a gaming a good gaming pc a few months ago and i bought 3 the case fans that i will use as intake in the front of the case BUT once i've connected them to the motherboard and started it up they got LOUD.

Every time i boot up my pc i hear those 3 fans speed up like jet engines and after 2 seconds they go back to normal speed...Why do they do that? Besides from that the pc is loud in general because of those 3 fans , when i start up battlefield 1 or any other game for that matter they go fast and loud and i can clearly hear them alot and when i close down the game they go slower but they are really loud.
I have gone into BIOS and changed the fans into silent mode but they are not silent.

The fans i bought are : Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 120mm PWM

I have not connected them to any fan controller because the fan controller in my case is only 3 pins and the fans are 4 pins or dose it matter if i connect 4 pin fans to a 3 pin fan controller? (I connected all the fans to the 4pins on the motherboard)

I have tried speedfan but for some reason i could not find my motherboard in their list.

The funny part is that when i turn off my computer i can hear the room goes completely silent (That is how loud the fans are)

What can i do about this and how can i fix it?
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    Those fans are working as designed.They are very high performance fans designed for people in need of extreme airflow. Where noise is not a concern. The Noctua NF-F12 iPPC-3000 are some of the loudest case fans on the market. There are extreme performance fans which are much louder. But they aren't something you'd normally find.

    Your motherboard should have its own utility for fan speed control. Use it to set a very light curve for your case fans. Tweak it until you find an optimal balance.

    If returning them is an option. Do so. Get fans more appropriate for your uses. I use Arctic F12 PWM. Decent airflow and quiet. They aren't silent. But the best I've had for a gaming computer.

    Here is a chart showing multiple fans. All charts are the same. They are just sorted by dBA (noise, purple), obstructed air flow (Dark Blue) and unobstructed airflow (Red). As you see the Noctua iPPC-3000 is far louder than the competition.
  2. Thank you so much for the answer ,really appreciate it , i thought my motherboards 4 pins did not work or something was wrong! xD

    After reading your info and the chart it all makes sence why my fans are so loud even.
    I will look for some new case fans because even tho the loud ones i have now works wonders when it comes to airflow and temps but they are just to loud.

    Is there anything i should keep in mind when i getting new case fans?
  3. That they are PWM and to look at reviews which go into detail. There should be graphs of noise at different speeds. Also I'd want good airflow in the radiator tests. Then they should also work well with case air filters. That and price is why I chose the Arctic F12 PWM. If you get them make sure they are the models which mount both ways. They have a really cheap unit that only mounts on one side and won't work right with some mount positions.

    If you want higher end. Corsair and Noctua make good quiet high static pressure fans. You just chose the wrong model for your purposes.

    Also avoid sleeve bearings.
  4. I will definitely keep this in mind while i look for new fans , I appreciate your quick answer :)
  5. You're Welcome.
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