Please help! I have a huge problem in my graphics card :(

So about 3-4 monthes ago in 2017 I bought a brand new beast gaming pc with gaming equipment and ASUS monitor 4k 1ms and when I bought it I was in another country that has a really good and fast intrenet and I started playing fortnite and pubg with very good FPS and I never lagged or had any issues but after that I was travelling back to my country but we had a bad internet I get about 14 mbps download and only 300 kbps upload so after we went home in our country I set up the PC again and I checked everything in it to see that its not damaged and there was nothing damaged or harmed then I started playing pubg I saw a huge difference the game is soooo laggy when I put graphics on ulrta and even when I put it on the worst graphics its still so laggy and my GPU graphics card is 100% when I open a game :( I dont know whats the problem but after like 3-4 monthes I started playing fortnite to see if it does the same thing and I had 60 fps and it was working well for about 2 days now and today It started doing it again ???!?!?!?!??!?! Sorry for my bad English but please help me


Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM)-i7-7700k CPU @ 4.20GHz 4.20 GHz

Ram : 16 GB

System Type : 64 bit operating system x64-based processor

Graphics Card : GTX 1070 TI

The case is created by Cooler Master and it says republic of gamers inside the PC if thats important or whatever

And its a gaming pc that I bought for about $3999

Thanks for reading this <3 please help me in it
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  1. you might want to shutdown your computer first. unplug your power cable. turn off your PSU. remove your RAM and GPU. press power button for 1 min. put them all back again. and boot.

    try also reinstalling your GPU driver.
  2. Are you running the computer on wifi or a wired connection?
  3. I am running my computer on wifi , Mark I will try ur solution
  4. Bro sorry but I dont want to fk up my PC I dont know how to remove the GPU and ram also I tried reinstalling the graphics card still didnt work im so upset :(
  5. Also how do I put them back in if power is on? I might get shocked
  6. The power isn't on. You do all that then plug it back in and reboot.
  7. Hey guys thank u all for ur soloutions but I just took the PC to a guy who knows a lot of PC gaming shop and he told me the problem if I have low fps is I need to download a new windows 10 pro software so it be with me for 1 or 2 years rather than 1 month and after he finished he told me that he has a problem while downloading nivida it says that this windows isn't supported by nivida then I realized that many changed happened to my PC its not the same windows I had when it looked different so I went to check for windows update and theres soo many updates there so I'm downloading them now its now 11% and its stuck on that so please help : (
  8. How long has it been stuck? Some updates do take a long time. A couple of times when I reinstalled Windows and had to update it took 3 or more hours to complete.
  9. bro the update is finished now it didn't fix anything : ( my gpu still undetected I tried putting my gpu in the other location more down and its still undetected I can see the gpu working and running and its also brand new one I bought it from 3 monthes its 1070 ti bro I'm so upset :(
  10. Ok so I just realized that my windows update isn't fully finished but now its back to 0% and its stuck on 0% what do I do please
  11. After I fnished I just went again to the shop and my hand almost broke of carrying this huge pc its very huge and he reinstalled windows and downloaded new software and checked the GPU and in the end he gave me the PC back and the windows says I need an activation key wtf? alsoI think I found the problem!!! my gpu usage is 100% when the game is on
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