Overclocking my i5 4670k

I have a problem while overclocking my 4670k, even on 4.1 ghz at 1.19v, when stress testing with linx the temperature hover arround 80-85°C with 88°C max, and a restart occured after about 3 hour of testing. Prime95 26.6 blend test temperature is arround 60°C with 65°C max (which test should i use?)

My pc spec:
Cpu i5 4670k
Cooler be quiet dark rock pro 3
Mb gigabyte ga-z97x gaming3
Vga gtx 1070 gigabyte g1 gaming
Psu corsair cx 650m
Ram kingston hyperx fury (3x 4gb 1866 + 1x 1600)
Case nzxt h440

Bios setting
Clock ratio 4.1ghz
Uncore 3.3ghz
Vcore 1.19v
Cstates enabled
Xmp off
Turbo boost off
Cpu fan at full speed

My goal is 4.4ghz with less than 80 temperature
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    Prime95 v26.6 Blend is good for memory testing, but Small FFT's is best for CPU thermal testing. For system stability testing, Asus RealBench is best, since LinX is nearly a 120% workload.

    Both Prime95 v26.6 and RealBench are about 100% workload.

    • Asus RealBench -

    Read this Sticky: Intel Temperature Guide -

    Pay close attention to Section 11 - Thermal Test Basics

    " ... Here’s a sample of utilities grouped as thermal and stability tests according to % of TDP, averaged across several platforms at Default BIOS settings:

    TDP ... Thermal Test - Steady Workload

    129% ... Prime95 v27.7 through v29.4 - Small FFT’s (AVX, No Offset)
    101% <-- Prime95 v26.6 - Small FFT’s
    89% ... HeavyLoad v3.4.0.234 - Stress CPU
    87% ... FurMark v1.19.1.0 - CPU Burner
    78% ... CPU-Z v1.82.0 - Bench - Stress CPU
    66% ... AIDA64 v5.95.4500 - System Stability Test - Stress CPU

    TDP ... Stability Test - Fluctuating Workload (Peak)

    123% ... OCCT v4.5.1 - CPU: OCCT (AVX, No Offset)
    118% ... LinX v0.6.5 - Default
    116% ... IntelBurn Test v2.54 - High
    113% ... OCCT v4.5.1 - CPU: Linpack (AVX, No Offset)
    110% ... AIDA64 v5.95.4500 - System Stability Test - Stress FPU
    99% <-- Asus RealBench v2.56 - Stress Test (AVX, No Offset)
    97% ... Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool v4.1.0.24 - Default
    94% ... Sandra 2017.09.24.41 - Burn in - Processor Tests
    92% ... CineBench v15.0 - CPU - Render Test
    79% ... Intel Extreme Tuning Utility v6.4.1.15 - CPU Stress Test

    All tests will show 100% CPU Utilization in Windows Task Manager, regardless of actual Workload. Higher TDP tests produce higher Core temperatures. Power (Watts) and Core temperatures will vary with Microarchitecture, Core count, Core speed, Core voltage, VID, Turbo Boost, Hyperthreading, Instruction Sets, Memory, IGPU, CPU cooler, BIOS versions and Microcode. ... "

    CT :sol:
  2. thanks, managed to get 4.4ghz at 1.22v stable for 7 hours, tested overnight. Temps on realbench is arround 73-76 with 80C max.
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