Disk usage very high

Quite often, the "disk" tab I have in task manager is up to 100%. Currently, I'm installing the game, see for yourself:

the thing is, it can go up too 100mb/s and nothing happens, sometims it's just at 60 and it's still the same like it's 100mb/s
This happens quite often, when I play games, when I install something, whatever I do it's one of the highest percentages here, I don't know what's that for, if someone could help me i'd be thankful
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  1. even when it is about 8mb/s it's also at 100%
  2. Imam Isti problem zadnjih par dana i jos neke koje neznam jeli stvara ista stvar. I Neznam rijesenje

    Moj Post : http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/answers/id-3631109/problem-micro-stutters-game-menus-disk-usage-high-apps-idle-dekstop-gameplay-normal.html
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