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Hi guys,i got new gpu yesterday to start mining.I wanted to see how much i could oc memory.I achieved 2080 clock(rx570 4gb hynix) and i wanted to try a little more.When i tried at 2094 screen froze.Did i maybe damaged my gpu?
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  1. Doubtful, you probably just overclocked too far and it was unstable. If you reduce the frequency to the last stable point you should be fine.
  2. Yea,but there is problem.When I turn on my pc nothing happens-screen is black and i dont have photo.I tried to restart comp but nothing.Some people told me to put out mobo batter and to wait 10 minutes but it didnt help too.I dont have any idea what to do
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    Does your CPU have integrated graphics? If so, try plugging your monitor into your motherboard video outputs. You may have to enter BIOS and set it to default to iGPU. Once you get an image, you can hopefully reset your OC settings (or uninstall drivers all together), which will hopefully allow you to get a display from your graphics card.
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