Ryzen 2400G + Nvidia Volta (in the future) or Ryzen 5 1600 (185 €) + Gtx 1060 6GB (320 €), best budget ram and motherboard?

Hello guys, as you could see in the tittle, I have to decide between the APU and later Nvidia Volta or AMD future gpu's, or get the ryzen 5 1600 and the gtx 1060 (It would be the Zotac AMP Edition, 6GB), The build should last at least 5 years, playing in 1080p monitor and 60 hz.
And about the ram, I have been reading that the speed of the ram only matters when you need a high framerate, and as I said, I only will play at 60hz., thefore I would need a good budget 2x8 sticks of RAM.
For the motherboard, I would like a decent b350 that could last decently ryzen 3.

For the money, I have already chosen the case (Phanteks Eclipse P400S), the PSU (Corsair TX650M 650W 80 Plus Gold) and the Hard drive (WD Blue 1TB SATA3). That makes 218 euros in total, So for the APU and fure GPU / Ryzen 5 1600 and Gtx 1060, motherboard and ram i have left 800 euros.

Thanks in advance for the answers.
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  1. IGPUs are never going to get as fast as their dedicated GPU counterparts. just not enough space for them on a die plus it must run on system RAM that's always slower than VRAM. Those APUs also come with 4 cores while R5 1600 has 6 cores/12 threads so it's a better processor to start with.
  2. The iGPU on the 2400G looks like it's going to be somewhere in the ballpark of the RX 450 at best on performnace, and more likely a small step down from there in most usage.
    It SHOULD be a noticeable improvement over the iGPU on the A19-7680K/7890K, with half again as many cores and about 35% higher clock speed - but it's still going to be limited a lot by using system GDDR4 instead of dedicated GDDR5 (current Polaris) or GDDR6 (probable on next-gen Polaris).

    There is NO real point in pairing it with a dedicated GPU - use a standard Ryzen instead makes a TON more sense.

    The TOUGH part is going to be finding a 6GB 1060 at ALL - stock of all Nvidia cards above the 1050 ti have evaporated as of right after Christmas, apparently as a result of Nvidia having TSMC shift production out of Pascal GPUs into Volta GPUs "around the end of the year", coupled with Nvidia and to a lesser degree AMD both having the biggest Christmas Sale season since the Great Recession (AMD also is out everywhere, but it took a week longer to get their for THIS shortage, indicating it was NOT "cryptocoin miner" caused unlike the spring shortage).

    GTX 1050/1050ti does not seem to be affected nearly as much and can still be found with a large selection at close to or even a hair UNDER MSRP - they are Samsung made GPUs, and newer designs that probably won't get replaced by the first wave of new Volta cards (like the low end 7xx series Maxwell cards stayed in production for a few months after the first Pascal cards were introduced).
  3. Well, then I will try to get a cheap 1050 TI, about the motherboard, Would be better a x370 or a good b350, I would like It to last to ryzen 3 and slap the ryzen 5 3600.
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    Yes, x370 chipset MBs tend to be best (there's x470 coming too) but for most uses b350 is also good enough. Ryzen 5 is also better than R3 on account of more cores, I like "x" models better because of higher base frequencies and better OC, problem is that R5/R7 "x" models don't come with any cooler so you'd have to provide one.
    GTX 1050/1050ti can be well served with even lowest Ryzen, that is not a problem but if you ever will upgrade GPU those may not be enough. You see, it's all in the price and $$$ you are willing to spend.
    For my money, Asus Prime x370 pro is best value in that segment. Couple it with a R5 1600x and fast DDR4 (3000MHz +) and you'd have a machine that would be good for years but enough to be good with best GPUs there is.
  5. I second CountMike's opinion, but i'd still wait until i at least know the real specs and price of the Ryzen 2600X (saw only speculation until now). If the Ryzen 1600X is best for gaming in AMD's lineup, esp. regarding price/performance ratio, the 2600X might be even better, or, if not, might send the price of the 1600X dumping to a level where is becomes really, really attractive. Waiting is not an option for GPUs at the moment (either buy, like, RIGHT NOW, or wait for quite some time), but for CPU, it is getting better every day. Watch the prices.
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