Does the motherboard effect the speed of the programs/games you run on your PC if all the components attached are the same?

For example, if you have a motherboard from 8 years ago compared to a motherboard from this year. All the components on these 2 motherboards are the same. Both have the same memory ram/gpu/cpu/psu/ssd(All the same models). The only difference between these 2 computers are the motherboards. Does the newer motherboard run faster?

If so, please explain to me why. How can you tell the speed of 1 motherboard vs another?
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  1. No, the motherboard does not really impact the "speed" of applications. is unlikely that a board from 2010 will run the same CPU/RAM as a board from 2018.
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    First, you cannot compare the performance of two motherboards from two different generations, as the components on them cannot be the same. Even hypothetically it is not a example case.
    Second, you cannot even compare two different motherboards from the same platform or same year as it has next to no contribution in speed other than extra PCIe lanes in different chipsets.
    If there is any difference, then it comes between chipsets, as some chipsets support overclcokable processors which when overclcoked can run faster, but that is more because of the cpu than the motherboard.
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