SSD Disappeared, nothing does help... (and nobody else has had this problem)

Hi guys!

So I have some pretty annoying problem here: I did a CCleaner, but then my Windows started crashing so i hit the reset button.

But then, when my computer boooted up again, it went to a black screen that said that it couldn't boot to Windows and stuff.

So I went into Bios and there my drive did not appear. After this I disconnected my SSD, booted up without, shut sown, reconnected then boot up again with my SSD connected.

Still doesn't work, but now my SSD shows up in the BIOS, even tho i would prefer that is didn't, bcs instead os saying ssd evo 250 or whatever it said before, it says "TARGET ROM 0GB"

Any ideas on what to do, what happened? :( I'm really desperate, as this is my boot drive and stuff...

Motherboard: Aorus AX-370 Gaming K5
SSD: Samung Evo 850 Evo (250Gb)

thank you in advance !
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  1. The translator that is located on the PCB of your SSD has malfunctioned and failed, that is why you are seeing incorrect parameters in BIOS. You will need to take it to a data recovery lab. Otherwise, you will be left with a bricked drive.
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