8700k silicon lottery

Hi I'm getting 5.2 ghz on 1.37v under 80 c under fullload prime95 with a overclockers uk £20.00 heatsink ..
Have I won the silicon lottery and what do you think I'll get when I set my loop up[.
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  1. That voltage seems pretty low to achieve such a high overclock, do you mind posting a CPUZ screenshot?
  2. Can i send a pic off my phone? New to all this
  3. Lol sorry 1 38 v
  4. cerimartin1 said:
    Lol sorry 1 38 v

    Ok, that makes a bit more sense.
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    I am very skeptical you're cooling an OCd 8700K with a £20.00 heatsink. Even if you had delidded...
  6. Still happy with that loop is coming the weekend may be 5.5 ?
  7. Not touched the cpu at all and it's a overclockers deepcool heatsink it's I have used ic diamond thermal paste it will do 5ghz with no mod on the bios or volt I just bumped it up to 50 and it posted first time..
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