Installed TT AIO now computer won`t turn on.

Hi everyone,

This is the first time I have ever posted a question, but I'm at my wits end.
I recently purchased a well reviewed item on here. The TT Floe riiing 360 premium AIO water cooler.
The problem is when the 4 pin Molex cable is plugged into my EVGA 750W modular power supply the power supply clicks once and nothing turns on.
I have never had any issues with this power supply and all my components are less than a year old. I have followed both the (poor) instructions for the Thermaltake manual and youtube video and can confirm all the fan cables are plugged correctly into the controller the fan micro usb is plugged into the motherboard.

Things i have tried- When that one power cable is unplugged the computer starts fine and the pump even works (it gets power from a fan header on the MOBO)
I have tried all compatible pin connectors on the power supply.
I have tried two different Molex power cables (with the same pin outs)
I have tried disconecting ram and HDD`s to rule out the computer pulling too much from the PSU although it should be more than enough.

Note: when I bought the AIO I didnt realize it needed the archaic molex 4 pin connector so I did have to get one as I misplaced the ones that came with the PSU when i first set up my computer. So i am using ones that didn`t come with the PSU.

Currently I am using my computer wiht another fan that is MOBO powered since the pump is working.

I currently have two theories.

1- the pin outs on the Molex cable I got are different and the PSU is grounding out instantly.
2- the fan/rgb controller I bought is defective

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thermaltake core P5
msi z97s sli krait edition
i5-4690k OC to 4.6ghz
Amd R9 390x
G skill ripjaw 4x4gb 1866mhz
EVGA 750 g2
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    You need to use cables that come with the PSU or an exact \ identical replacement , they aren't interchangeable.
  2. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    You need to use cables that come with the PSU or an exact \ identical replacement , they aren't interchangeable.

    Is it possible to switch them myself without and ohm meter and looking up pin-outs?
    They are very hard to find and i would have to order another set online.
    the cable i have is 4 pin molex on one side and 6 pin on the other where only 4 have connections.
  3. Has to be a cable designed for that specific PSU, not using one could result in damage to components and\or PSU.
  4. The cables have to be compatible. I had an issue with evga and corsair having different cables on an old computer of mine. I accidentally got them mixed up when I was swapping power supplies. usually the PSU will shut off quickly before anything gets damaged. You might be able to get an adapter for a different connector to use on the pump. For instance you could convert the SATA into molex and use an extender. The SATA and PCIe should have 12 and 3 volt pins to match the molex. Pumps aren't supposed to pull a lot of power, so the SATA should be just as good as the PCIe for powering the pump.
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