AAA title games Freezes, crashes, Won’t work with my EVGA GTX 1070 FTW

Here is a YouTube video I posted to my channel to show exactly the problem I’m having. Please copy and paste the following into your Internet browser, or depending on the browser or device you have you may be able to click on the link below.

Description of the problem I’m having along with my hardware :

Every time I try to run AAA title games, player unknown battlegrounds, battlefield one, Grandtheft auto five, etc. with my system it will run anywhere from five seconds sometimes all the way up to 30 seconds and then the game just freezes and it says oops! An error occurred. I build custom gaming computers for customers and I rarely use 3Dmarker but I attempted to run this on this particular computer because it’s to date the most high performance powerful PC I have built, so naturally being curious as to how well it would run 3-D markers time spy since the last time I tried it with a budget build I did for somebody a couple years ago when I was learning in which it did horribly I wanted to see what the improvements would be with this particular gaming rig. Here are the specs of my computer.

I7 6850k (Water-cooled)

24gb ram (2x8gb KVR24N17S8/8) (1x8gb HMA41GU6AFR8N-TF NO AB 1546)

Gigabyte GA-X99P-SLI Motherboard
EVGA GTX 1070 FTW graphics card

Power supply: ATNG Power CO., LTD (Model: ATM-600FB) 600 W 80+ bronze standard

Windows 10 home operating system fully activated

120 GB ScanDisk SSD X110 Model Number: SD6SB1M -128G –1106 (Note: operating system and everything so far is installed on this solid-state drive including 3DMark App (Time Spy)

2TB (Western Digital Caviar Green) mechanical hard drive note nothing install on this as of yet it’s main purpose is for storage capacity

CUK Switch 77 ATX case 7 RBG LED 120mm fans with speed control control & lighting controls are controlled by a switch on the top of the case the fan speeds are off/medium/high note the water cooler has one of these fans on the front side of it however it has a second additional fan that is a regular 120 mm fan that is wired directly into the power supply that way there is at least one fan always running to cool the Single 120mm radiator however the second fan is one of the120 mm LED fans which can along with the other seven fans installed be switched off because of this a second fan that is constantly running when the computer is switched on was absolutely necessary Otherwise the possibility somebody turning the computer on and accidentally switching the fan off to the radiator is a possibility.

Water cooler/radiator/CPU cooler: Asetek (550LC) model/barcode: 11443160806204333 this is a single 120 mm radiator it has no branding marks on it.

I acquired the graphics card, motherboard, RAM, CPU, radiator/water cooler/CPU heatsink, power supply, and Windows operating system all in a bundle deal just in case you’reQuestioning why I’m using the particular parts I am using.

UPDATE: I did some research on the Internet and I found some threads/forms talking about thermal pad is missing out of these graphics card I took my graphics card Apart and I found this

I haven’t had a chance to test the graphics card after making this correction but is soon as I do I will update my findings on here
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  1. troubleshooting 101: check your hardware stats.


    and screenshot the info please.
  2. Update!!! If you don’t feel like reading everything I have wrote below you can watch this video quickly and discover the problem and I believe the fix for this graphics card.

    If you were unable to click and instantly go to the link below please copy and post the following in your web browser.

    After originally posting this I did some research and discovered that A select number of the initial manufactured and produced GTX 1070 FTW graphics cards were put on the market without all the necessary heat shielding thermal pads that were necessary to keep the graphics card from overheating. I even through research was referenced to a few YouTube videos addressing and fixing this problem. According to the person in the YouTube video I watched, if you were text savvy and capable you can allegedly contact EVGA and they will actually send you the thermal pands allowing you the customers to apply and fix these graphics cards yourselves. At this point even though I knew these missing heat shielding thermal pads missing couldn’t cause the problems this particular graphics card was having because The problem these missing he shielding thermal pants cause and the problem I am having is different. My graphics card less than 15 to 20 seconds into a graphics demanding game and or stress test my graphics card could be heard making a funny noise and then the game or testing/benchmarking application would crashand this doesn’t match the problems caused by a few missing heat shielding thermal pads. The missing heat shielding thermal pad problems described by people Wood surface over the course of around usally a hour of very heavy gameplay resulting in poor performance and possibly the game/application crashing. However I decide to watch the video and The instructions the instructor laid out replacing the heat shielding thermal pads by disassembling the graphics card I watched and also disassembled this graphics card to see if this particular graphics card was missing these heat shielding thermal pads and to my amazement I found a even bigger problem that explains the problems this particular graphics card is having. Please copy and paste into your browser if you don’t have the option to click on this link below this is a actual video of what I found wrong with this particular graphics card.
    In this video you will see that when I pulled the heat sink off of the graphics card CPU I discovered no thermal paste in the middle of the process and it wasn’t removed by sticking to the heat sink the thermal paste was also missing in the exact same areas on the heat sink as if before the heat sink was ever mount it something brushed across the surface of the processor removing the thermal paste thus causing the processor to become in capable of transferring the heat from The processor of the card and cooling the card off so that overheating wouldn’t occur. I cleaned and replaced the thermal paste and mounted, bolted and completely reassembled very carefully the graphics card back together with all the Heatconductive thermal paste reapplied properly. Note : I have been unable to verify this graphics card now works with the applied repair I made. I built this computer for a customer and the customer now has this computer minus this graphics card because I was in the process of attempting to find out what could be done to fix or replace this graphics card. Once I am able to either return the graphics card back to this computer system and reinstalled and test it I cannot verify it’s fixed or conclusively say this was the problem however I believe and I’m sure most of you familiar with graphics cards would agree that I can conclusively say I am more than 90% sure this is what was causing The particular GTX 1070 FTW to have the problems I’ve described missing thermal paste an overheating during a stressful graphics demanding game and crashing that game as fast as it did really does explain everything. I will post an update as soon as I know the results After running this graphics card.
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