PC freeze after minutes of gaming (black screen, requires hard reset)


After installing GPU (GTX 680) on motherboard, I started experiencing PC freezes when gaming, usually when I die and a level or a game restarts. It also once happened when I exited a game and started browsing the internet.

Memtest OK, GPU is brand new and not faulty (checked with another PC),
tried: reinstalling Windows, installing newest GPU driver, installing old and stable one, updating BIOS, lowering GPU core and mem clock by 200MHz.
max. temps: CPU 62c, GPU 68C.

motherboard: asus 85bm-g
16GB ram
I5 4440

Any ideas?

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    Is system OK on your old video card? What you tested should have narrowed down the issue to video card or not, looks like it's not. I would try one RAM stick at a time even though memtest passed.
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