Which air cooler to cool a i5 8600k

Which air cooler will be better to cool the i5 8600k with a good overclock.
The cryorig h7 quad lumi or the deepcool gammaxx gt. How big will the difference be?
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  1. The H7 is a better cooler. Better overall performance, quieter and longer warranty. I recommend that cooler quite often, but it's not a HIGH END cooler, and neither is the Gammaxx, but either one will work for a medium-ish overclock. If you want a big overclock you will need a better cooler like the Noctua NH-U14s, Cryorig H5, or one of the other good single or double finstack 140mm coolers.
  2. Will it be able to cool the cpu clocked at 4.9ghz or 5 if possible
  3. No, that is a MAJOR overclock. Only the very best air or liquid coolers are going to be even remotely capable of doing that and neither of the coolers would be in a conversation about the "best" ones out there overall. Everybody thinks they can OC every CPU to 5Ghz. Truth is, they can't, and not just because it's nearly impossible to keep the CPU cool, but the voltage required makes a significant impact on the motherboard VRMs and chipset as well.

    If you want a 5Ghz OC on ANY modern processor, from Haswell to Coffee lake, you need a top shelf motherboard with LOTS of power phases, high end CPU cooling, a great case with MANY fan locations, like, at least two front 140mm intakes, two top 140mm exhausts and a rear 120/140mm exhaust, else you'll be very unlikely to provide enough cool ambient air through the case to keep the motherboard and CPU cooler supplied with a good amount of cool air to avoid throttling or overheating.

    You can't just take a hundred dollar board, thirty dollar case, thirty dollar cooler and most importantly, an average power supply, and plop a 5Ghz OC on it. Plus, it will have a far shorter lifespan with that kind of configuration, because voltage and thermal fatigue will absolutely wear it down faster than with something like 4.7Ghz or lower configured. My CPU can easily do 5Ghz, stable, with the case, motherboard and cooling setup I have, but I'd never leave it there because no matter what else you do, that amount of voltage is going to take it's toll on the CPU and motherboard.
  4. i currently have the msi z370 carbon pro, seasonic focus plus 650w and meshify c with only two fans one 120mm fan at the front intaking air and one at the back pulling air out of the case
    i am planning to add a couple more fans to have better airflow throughout the case which will hopefully help in overclocking my cpu. do you think it will be enough to get a solid overclock with the h7? (4.6 maybe higher stable)
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    I would not look to do anything beyond a full time 4.3Ghz OC with the H7. If you want to go maybe 4.5-4.6Ghz, then I'd opt for the H5 or something like the Noctua NH-U14s. You'll want a good 140mm unit if you want to go over 4.3Ghz full time. 120mm units are simply not going to be capable enough, no matter what model you choose. There is just not enough overall heat exchange on those units.

    If you want anything over 4.6Ghz, then you need to go with BIG air, like the Noctua D15, Cryorig R1 or one of the big Phanteks or Thermalright units, or go with a REALLY good, not basic entry level, 280 or 320mm AIO water cooler. Air will be quieter though. Water cooled systems are not quiet. The radiator fans and pump noise far exceeds what most air coolers produce.
  6. how about the MasterLiquid Lite ML240L?
  7. I recommend to avoid ALL Cooler Master cooling products. You can always get something just as good for less money, or something much better for the same price. That goes for both their air and water cooling products. Especially their air coolers though. Granted, the 212 series coolers are ok for the price, but even then, there are better coolers for the same price or less, or way better ones for only a few dollars more.

    I won't use or recommend any CM cooling product, including their fans, unless you're replacing a failed CM fan with an identical replacement.
  8. What is your budget for a CPU cooler and what country are you in?
  9. im live in singapore and my budget for a cooler is around 100-120
  10. What is you case model?
  11. the fractal design meshify c
  12. Ok. These are probably your best choices, under 100, that I can see for your region. All of them are solid, well reviewed hardware.

    If you can order through the Singapore Newegg

    There might be a few more good options under 100. I wouldn't really bother going much past what's listed there though, as far as price, because the Cryorig R1 and H5 are both excellent coolers, as is the Frostflow 240L. The Frostflow 280L is even better if you can find one, and they are much less expensive than most of the other AIO closed loop coolers from brands like Corsair, Cooler Master and Thermaltake. The reviews of them show good performance as well. Personally, I'd stick to a good air cooler as they are proven, reliable and quieter.
  13. Thanks for your help I truly appreciate it
  14. Absolutely. If I can be of further assistance, just let me know.
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