Refurbished razer blade stealth? worth it?

I am student on a budget I need a reliable ultraportable with the best performance and portability but I am also on a budget so I have decided to go down the root of refurbished laptops. I want to use it mainly for school work youtube TV and some rare gamin on light games like CS GO

is it worth £850 or $1100 for a refurbished blade stealth with a i7 and QHD+ plus display
are there any good alternatives around a similar price range is so what?
(I find aesthetics reasonably important too )
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    For a small gaming laptop, not really anything better. If it's worth getting a used one, eh... how much are you saving vs new? Refurbished items are a bit of a gamble, you are betting that the higher chance of it failing and likely a shorter warranty are worth the savings. Like buying an extended warranty, you are betting your money or not vs the item breaking or not.
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