Ryzen 7 1700 vs intel i5 8600k

Hey guys. I am about to upgrade my pc. I just got some parts:

Oculus Rift
Alienware AW3418DW
Zotac GTX 1080 TI 11GB AMP! Extreme Core Edition

Now i need to choose my CPU.

I live in Brazil and the price of somethings is kind of crazy here.... my only good options would be:

Ryzen 7 1700 and i5 8600k

If i buy the ryzen 7 1700+motherboard(b350) -> PRICE $376.

If i buy the i5 8600k+motherboard(z370) + cooler -> PRICE 658

That is a $282 difference...

I know that the i5 8600k is better for gaming, but is really worth the price difference?

I do have the money, but if the difference is like minimal there is no point of spending almost 300 dollars...

The pc is going to be use only for GAMING.
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  1. What resolution/refresh rate will you be gaming at?

    Also, a Ryzen 1600 will be just as good at gaming as a 1700 FYI.
  2. I agree, get the 1600X, a nice cooler, solid motherboard and OC it, spend the savings on a great GPU/Monitor combo - you'll feel it way more on the graphics end than the CPU end.

    No it's not $282 dollars better in my opinion when that's the price of a great monitor or upgraded video card.

    The other factor is simple, AMD has dedicated CPU's to the AM4 form factor till 2020, so that means upgrades will be easy. Intel never says a word about platform life and changes chipset support as often as my wife changes shoes.
  3. You should just use a better CPU the one thats better. What ever you like should be the one you buy. Dont get people to tell you what you want. iF you think AMD sounds cooler than go with AMD, personally I think intel has a better name so I usually go with them. With computer parts its better to go with your gut feeling rather then sound logic.
  4. Go to youtube to compare gaming comparison 8600K 1080Ti vs Ryzen 1700 1080Ti then decide whether it is worth it or not.
  5. TJ Hooker said:
    What resolution/refresh rate will you be gaming at?

    Also, a Ryzen 1600 will be just as good at gaming as a 1700 FYI.

    1440p 120hz.
    The price of the 1600 is like 20 dollars cheaper
  6. At that res and frequency you will be pushing the GPU hard enough anyhow, what CPU you choose won't have as much impact.
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    Pushing 120 FPS does require a fair bit of CPU horsepower, and Intel CPUs are still a little better for high FPS gaming last I checked. But I think it unlikely that the performance difference is enough to warrant the large price difference.

    Also, it might be worth waiting to see how the upcoming security patches for AMD/Intel shake out in terms of performance hits.,36219.html
  8. yes...the price difference is huge... well im going to buy the ryzen
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