Random Restarts... CPU/PSU/GPU?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve read through a lot of threads and haven’t found a solid answer to my issue so I figured I’d ask the community. Before I go any farther, here is my current build:

[CPU] i7 6700k
[CPU Cooling] Noctua NH-U14S
[MB] ASUS Maximus Hero VIII Hero Alpha
[Memory] Trident Z DDR 4 32GB
[SSD - Boot] Samsung Evo 850 Evo 1TB
[VC] EVGA FTW 1080
[PSU] EVGA SuperNova P2 750W
[Case] CoolerMaster HAF 932

-None of my components are OCed-

So I’ve been slowly working my way through this but the basic issue is that I’m getting completely random restarts while doing completely random things.... let alone gaming. Surfing the web, installing a program. Also completely random restarts when it is running at idle with no one using it.

My BIOS is up to date as are all drivers to include my video drivers. A bit ago I installed my old MSI 970 to see if it may be related to my GPU.

All temps have been good with the cpu cores hovering around 19-22c at idle and peaking at no more than 65c during non gaming tasks.

Now that I have my 970 in I haven’t had any restarts, however, I’m not quite ready to close the case yet. Last week it ran over night with no issues and then restarted when I was paying bills online.... so who knows.

Of note, my 1 yo daughter has a tendency to reset my computer quite a bit, not sure if that could cause any issues. I disconnected my reset button to ensure she hadn’t damaged it somehow. Also, my PSU is less than a year old, as is my boot SSd and my 1080.

I don’t have another PSU to test, but I’d like to believe that my PSU didn’t go out randomly at a year old. Anyone have any ideas? I saw another user that rolled back his VC drivers on an older 770 and it fixed his issues, although I doubt that applies with a current gen card. Any ideas?

Thanks for your help in advance!

Update - Ran memory through MemTest with no errors and ran CPU through OCCT with nothing of note. Temps hung around 65-75c and the cores individually bounced the needle once at around 80-82c.

Guess it is time to throw the 1080 back in and run the GPU through Realbench or something like that?

I don't have a multimeter to check the PSU though.... and, I'm talking to myself. Lol.

UPDATE 2: Ran both GPUs through Furmark stress test and crashed every time (970 lasted longer..... less power draw) Perhaps it is a faulty PSU? I just moved to this house three months ago so that is the only new variable....
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