Can the ssd/hdd/dvd drive cables be disconnected for a cable clean up?

I wanted to reorganize my cables a little bit. My biggest problem area are the six cables that are connected to my ssd, hard drive and dvd/cd burner. Could I disconnect my sata cable and the cable that powers the drive, without damaging/losing any of my files? Any help greatly appreciated.
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    As long as the computer is off and unplugged, you can disconnect and reconnect all the cables you like. After you unplug the computer, hold the start button down for about 10 seconds to discharge the capacitors in the system. You can swap power cables between devices, but I suggest that when you reconnect your SATA cables that you keep them connected to the original device. Windows might get mightily confused if you don't.
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  2. Im really sorry for downvoting your answers, I am currently on my phone, which makes it quite difficult to properly use this website. I have another question for you, if I were to connect my drives to a new motherboard, would I be facing any problems or will it just recognize all my files and os? Thanks for the previous answer!
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  3. If it's a completely different motherboard, (and if you want to boot into windows with it), you'll have to do a clean install.

    Otherwise you WILL have probs, inc crashing
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  4. Correct, what Paul said. Once your system is shut down you can unplug the cables as you like and then plug them in as pleased. Desktop computers are just legos for adults! :)

    And again, echoing Paul, connecting your drives to a new mobo will be fine but Windows will be angry requiring a new install if its a completely different board. The drives will work fine and be fine, but a new Windows install will be needed for sure.
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