Can I upgrade my laptop processor

My laptop is a HP notebook 15
It has 4 core AMD A8 processor with 4 gb of DDR 3 RAM in it. Also I would like to increase the RAM can that be done?Can I upgrade it?
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  1. Without the model of the laptop we can't get the needed information to answer your question. The HP notebook 15 is a series that has many configurations.
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  2. CPU - most of quad core hp 15 that I've seen have had the A8-7410. If yours has this you are out of luck. It is BGA (soldered to motherboard) and ... I believe it is the top processor in its family.

    Ram - 'officially' the hp 15 supports 8 gb of ram. That is also said about the hp g6 but I know the g6 is ok with 16 - not sure if this is true for the hp 15.
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