Microphone not being detected when plugged into "Sound Blaster X-fi" Sound card - Windows 10

Microphone not being detected when plugged into "Sound Blaster X-fi" Sound card.

Running Windows 10 that is fully updated
Uninstalled and re-installed the sound card audio drivers
Doubled checked that the drivers are most current - they are

- Microphone does not show up in "sound" then "recording" tab under the control panel
- Microphone is showing up as "not plugged in" in this section
- I am plugging the microphone into the "pink" input
- Double checked I am using the "pink" input - I am

- Checked to see if microphone works on another PC and an old tape recorder - it does

- So the issue does not seem to be the microphone - it appears to be working - the issue appears to either be the sound card itself or some setting.

- Opened the "Creative console launcher" and played around with the settings - issue remains
- Went on forums to see if other had same issue - there were some that did
- Some suggested to the others having the issue that they should go to "flexi jack" tab and change it from "line in" to "microphone". I did - Issue still remains
- Played around with other settings - issue still remains

- The interesting thing is that the microphone is also not being detected on the "standard"/"built" in pink input on my motherboard either.

Please assist
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