can i change my CPU ? if so what is best option?

I have asus N551JX intel core i5-4200H , socket 1364 BGA, chipset is Intel Haswell. i really want to know can i change it. Thank you.
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    BGA sockets are soldered IIRC, so upgrading it isn't really possible.

    Even if you had the technically know-how to remove it & re-solder something else that's socket compatible, you'll likely find a lack of BIOS support for most other chips. The N551JX models did have offerings with an i7-4720HQ, so it *could* work..... but it's not an easy upgrade, with no guarantees of functionality.
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  2. thank you :) And for example in very hard terms i can change it.... and where can i i find i7-4720HQ to buy? i would be very helpful
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  3. Changing a BGA cpu requires experience, and expensive equipment and very few are willing to do it. It's not going to be cheap and failure rates are high. SO even of you manage to find somebody willing you may end up paying them to end up with a brick.

    To upgrade your option is to buy a N551JX motherboard that already has the i7 soldered to it.
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  4. leleiva.rokas said:
    thank you :) And for example in very hard terms i can change it.... and where can i i find i7-4720HQ to buy? i would be very helpful

    You really can't. You need to basically chop the cpu from the motherboard and hope you didn't break a single small connection (which is basically impossible not to have happen) in crude terms..
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    Question from leleiva.rokas : "i am looking where to buy laptop CPU i7-4720HQ"

    leleiva.rokas said:
    Hi, i know i have solated CPU but it's not a problem for me i need to find where can i buy i7-4720HQ CPU for my laptop , thank you :) maby there is better cpu what i can change my model is N551JX socket 1364 BGA Haswell and intel core i5-4200H.

    Anonymous said:
    They are soldered CPU's, so you would have to find one that someone already desoldered and is selling, I cant find any, they will likely be few and far between. Your only option will likely be to harvest one out of another laptop and unless you have done this before and been successful you will likely not be able to desolder and resolder a CPU, it's no easy task.
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  6. Ok :) and what if i change motherboard with a chip inside ? perhaps you know how much it will cost to change N551JX motherboard with i7-4720HQ, right now i have i5-4200H. and if you know where could i find it ? thank you :)
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