is my dimm slot broken?

the other day i was playing a game on my newly built pc and it was going smooth for a few weeks, when all of a sudden things froze up, so i turned it off and it wouldn’t post. so i tried different things and figured it would be my ram and i was correct, to some extent. i tried every combination of ram slots until i found that only one ram stick worked, and when i swapped the ram stick for the other one it didn’t work

so now i know my ram stick is bad, my mother board still makes the RGB on the ram light up in all dimm slots. is it possible a dimm slot went bad causing the ram to or..? i don’t want to buy new ram until i find out if i have to replace the motherboard
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  1. RGB on stick can still light even if the stick itself no longer works. It would be rather rare event that motherboard killed RAM. On the other hand, I heard many complaints about Trident Z RGB sticks, that they die a lot due to RGB, if that is what you got.
    Anyway, I would test all the slots with the stick that is good to see if all slots work.
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  2. if the dimm slot didn’t work would the rgb still work? and i have GeIL super luce 2x4gb RGB
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  3. Depends on the nature of slot failure. Lighting only needs the slot to support current with correct voltage, making it works requires much more then that. Think about it as slot has 288 pins, and it takes just a few of them to work for the RGB, but all of them need to work fully.
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