Getting decent fps. But only 0-4 % procent gpu usage and normal cpu usage.

Have been trying to google up this problem but found no answers. So I get decent fps in games, not all. However, I have realised that my 960m is only being used 0-5% procent. And same with my integrated graphics card but I have made sure that the games use my 960m via Nvidia control panel. The cpu usage is normal but I feel like the gpu is not being used to its fullest.

My specs.

Intel® Core™ i5 5200U Processor
NVIDIA® GeForce GTX960M 2GB (asus scammed me I know -_-)
8 GB Ram
Windows 10 DX12

All the drivers are up to date and settings tweaked in nvidia control panel. The gpu is overclocked a bit using MSI afterburner and I have also tried to uninstall gpu drivers and reinstalled them. PLZ HELP ME
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